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What are some risks associated with not getting your hearing checked?

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What is auditory deprivation?

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Common excuses people use to avoid seeking help

My hearing’s not that bad.”

Hearing aid users wait, on average, 10 years before getting help for hearing loss. But during that time, communication with loved ones becomes more difficult, and isolation and health risks increase. “Our findings emphasized just how important it is to be proactive in addressing any hearing declines over time,” says Lin.

Wearing hearing aids means I’m old, and I’m not ready for that.”

It’s normal to feel worried that hearing loss means you’re aging—and to want to hide it. Plenty of people with a hearing impairment sit silently rather than joining in conversations and activities, because they fear that hearing problems will make them seem helpless or less than competent. The truth: Connecting with others can help your brain stay younger and keep you involved with life.

I don’t like the way hearing aids look.”

Forget the old days of big, whistling earpieces. Today’s hearing aids are smaller and less conspicuous than ever before and are now high functioning wearable technology

I heard that hearing aids are difficult to use.”

There is a breaking-in period as you—and your central auditory system and brain—adjust to life with hearing aids. Hearing aids are “smart” technology and are very automated and require very little manual operation.

Hearing aids cost too much.”

At present, hearing aids can take a bite out of your budget but there are low mid and high price points. In Alberta all seniors get $900 and low income adult (aish etc) and seniors get $2400.00 to help with the purchase. As well they are tax deductible. Factor in the high cost of hearing loss, however, and it is money well spent. How much value do you put on your quality of life?

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